Overcoming Self Doubt

For the longest time, I’ve resisted making videos of myself, whether for personal and business purposes. I wasn’t even sure why. But when I saw a notice for a free 30-day video challenge, in which I’d have to post a daily short video of yours truly, I immediately signed up.

See, I’ve learned that when I delay taking action – when I overthink, overanalyze, hesitate, procrastinate – I’m a goner. Lately I’ve found that the best antidote for dealing with my own self-doubt, of which I have plenty, is to act right away.

Lucky for me, I do have an impulsive side that I can use to overcome my natural laziness and inaction. When I viewed the first few videos I posted (no, I’m not sharing those- they shall remain forever unlisted) I cringed. Who is that woman with all the neck and face wrinkles? Just look at her close-set beady eyes and weird expressions. My god, the shock of it all!

Think about it. Though others are used to seeing our faces and hearing our voices, we rarely do. So, seeing oneself on video is like getting to know another person, who is both strangely familiar and familiarly strange.

But taking that immediate action has had incredible benefits. Tomorrow I finish the challenge. When I do, I will have had the satisfaction of posting 22 videos when I feared I couldn’t film even one. I met the most incredible and inspiring group of people online including a cold war spy and a former exotic dancer (not the same person.)

Lastly, I resurrected a very old dream of mine: to create a series of “Light Meditations for Dark Times.” I thought it would be a written collection, but then I considered the possibility of posting videos, instead. Today I share with you one of those, in which I share how to melt the witches of self-doubt. It’s a bit silly, but then, so am I.

I hope you enjoy it. I’d love if you shared what kind of challenges or dark times you’ve faced or are facing so I’ll be inspired to make some more videos.

9 thoughts to “Overcoming Self Doubt”

    1. Glad to have you here Yehiel. Any topics you’d like me to explore in the “Light Meditations for Dark Times?”

  1. What a great video Tzippi. I loved it ! So playful, yet so meaningful. A powerful message indeed. I think that you come across wonderfully in video and it’s hard to believe that you have not been doing it for a long time because you seem so at ease. Looking forward to more !

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